i Lost [ my gold or my Muffler ]

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i Lost [ my gold or my Muffler ]

Post  DADO on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:27 am

Hello [GM]Joker

i am E.D from light side , i hope you are good .

i got Srebyren Muffler from boss LC before 2 days , then i log out from game .
yesterday when i check my Notice Board i saw my item in Ended Auctions , i got all in my Inventory , then i put them again for sell , and i put my Srebyren Muffler for sell for first time , there was 1 another Muffler for sell for 3.5 bil , my Muffler put it for 2.5 bil.
yesterday i was all time in dd2 pvp all time and many player was there , when i was there i saw in Message area my Srebyren Muffler sell for that price , then after we finished PVP , we go kill LC at DP .

after maybe 10 min i got DC , because i lost my electricity , and me didn't comeback to game again .

today i log on to game and check Notice Board , i found my Joker Axe sell only for around 24 mil and my Muffler not there , nothing in Ended no gold no Muffler .

please check what is this problem and help me return gold or Muffler back .

my toon who lost this item : oo.E-D.oo Archer lvl 90

Thanks [GM]Joker.


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