Genesis Guide for new players

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Genesis Guide for new players

Post  [GM]Joker on Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:35 am

The Guide is created by packet7

Hi, it is the guide for players that know Shaiya game but are new to the Genesis Shaiya Server.

First of all I'd like to mention that on this server Hacking is strictly prohibited. You will be banned permanently on first notice on this server if you use any cheats (dupe, speed hack, damage hack, others) For swearing, insults, agitation and killing after guards you will also be banned. Please read server rules.

Also on this server you don't need to spend real money. Anything could be farmed quite easily.

To become "UBER" you need good items, good hands and reaction. I will explain where you can find the first :-)

Top gear is a White Genesis set - 76-81 lvl. This gear doesn't depend on player class or fraction. Farmed in Dimmention Passage dungeon in Kanos (DP)
Top accessories are Genesis Ring/Amulet... farmed in DP
Top cape and weapon is 80 lvl - farmed in DP
Top shield for defenders/guardians is 70 lvl
There is a special Genesis Lapis +20 to all stats. It could be linked to all gear/weapon and accessories besides the top armor - farmed in Kanos from Genesis Lapis Box, It has ~5% drop rate.

Capes could have all stats enchanted to max orange stats. For this you need to have letters 'S', 'H', 'A', 'I', 'Y', 'A' that will form word 'SHAIYA' and wait for "GM Joker" to announce Cape recreation at Arena. For each word 'SHAIYA' you will be able to enchant one stat to max for ex Health +3000 or REC +30. Letters could be also bought with Genesis Points which you will receive for free if you play Genesis. More time spent in the game - more genesis points.

Almost all special items could be bought in Botglary - there are special merchants, if you don't find them - ask in chat.

1. To unlock Ultimate Mode you need to reach 1 lvl in Normal mode :-)
2. Try to lvl up first levels by your self. Then ask in trade chat for help you to buy exp stone(+50%), blue dragon stone(+20%), resurrection rune 7 days, prevent item drop 30 days, endurance hammer 30 days. All this cost 5kk - which is a very small amount of money for players that could farm in DD2.
3. Ask in trade chat to lvl you up to 85 lvl.
4. In Regnum you can farm Genesis UOF box. Open them and receive some startup armor and weapon for 60-68 lvl. It will allow you to start farming gold in DD2
5. Farm in DD2 gold coins lvl4 (7kk), lvl 5(70kk), Operator Exclusive Hammers. 1 Hour of farm in DD2 = 500kk-900kk
6. Farm in DD1 weapon lapisia, defence lapisia, lucky charm (that will protect your items from damage during the link)
7. Farm in Kanos Enchant items for gear/weapon and Genesis Lapis Box (which contain Lapis 6 lvl, Lapis 7 lvl, Genesis Lapis)
8. Farm in Caelum Greendieta (D-Water) Debuffs lvl 6 from treasure boxes and Recreation runes/Duals lvl 5 from Grians
9. Farm Seraphim Boss in Caelum Greendieta to obtain Max Flash Lapis and Debuff lvl 7 (which takes 2 slots in weapon but has higher % of success)
10. Farm in D2 mobs to obtain Knockout and other Nostrums.
11. Farm Kimuraku Boss in D2 to obtain Max Flash Lapis
12. Farm mobs in Caelum Sacra in Jungle to obtain Sonic lvl2
13. Farm mobs in Cryptic One Throne dungeon to obtain Ele 2 lvl

You could also check Drop List on the web site to find out where other items could be farmed or ask in the trade chat.


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